Pierpaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health, attended the presentation
The platform will be on air on June 9, with daily broadcast, from 2 pm to 5 pm.. In the programme designed for 5-10 year-old age, 5 superheroes will teach healthy diet and fight against inactivity, with games and entertainment. Many vips joined such as Paola Cortellesi, Luca Ward and Violante Placido. Scientific advice provided by Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù.

Rome, June 5, 2020 – A safe harbour in the sea of the web and a quality time. This is what children need in times of Covid-19. The school, what was left of it, will begin in September with modalities we still don’t know. For children exposed to the risk of hyperconnection, who surf the web often without any limitation, Dammi il 5, is the first Web Tv which, from Tuesday June 9, the first day of their holidays in many Regions, as a light entertainment, will introduce in the life of small children the concept of healthy life styles. The stars are 5 colors of health in the form of superheroes, the Di5s, each of them with the power of health”. The platform, presented today in a virtual press conference with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, was created with the contribution of the European Union, with the patronage of the Ministry of Health and of Cultural Heritage Activities and Tourism and with the scientific advice of Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù in Rome. It is a project from Matigroup and Intermedia for integrated communication, with the collaboration of the Pancrazio Association which mainly include medical students.
“We’ll keep company with children from 5 to 10 years of age – said Francesco Bugamelli, President of the Pancrazio Association, – and help parents, perhaps engaged in the  smart working and concerned by what their children may find on tablets and smartphones. The programming will be from Monday to Friday, from 2 pm to 5 pm and on air till the end of July, to resume the activity in September. In the programme schedule we will have many columns: from the space dedicated to the colours of health, with the aim of educate the children, through the game, in the rules of healthy diet and life styles, to the one focused on cooking, with the presence of many chefs who will take turns in the kitchen. And then there will be moments dedicated to puppets labs, Body percussion, animated readings, prize competitions, cartoon labs, gardening, theatre, music, yoga. Even more, events dedicated to special guests: Paola Cortellesi, Luca Ward, Violante Placido, Alessio Boni, Matteo Branciamore, Giorgio Tirabassi, Roberto Ciufoli have already joined. Other champions, will join in, from sports, music, fashion, cinema, science, industry, research, medicine, who will recount how their dreams began”.
“A diet too rich in fats and inactivity – said Giuseppe Morino, Responsible U.O. Dietary Education at Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù in Rome – have devastating consequences on the life and the future of small children.  Sadly, today in our Country one child in three is overweight , with a higher incidence in the southern Regions and the sad record of Campania, where the overweight/obesity rate affects 1 child in 2. With this initiative we don’t want to propose a new Tv, but take into account a phenomenon and try to govern it, sending positive messages. The trick? We are going to present fruit, vegetables, legumes and fish, offering multi-sensorial walks which lead to a tasting involving flavour, perfumes and colours”.
“Diabetes and childhood obesity – affirmed Massimo Federici Full Professor of Internal Medicine at  Tor Vergata and member of the Board of the Italian Society of Diabetology, which gave the patronage to Dammi il 5 – are also an Italian plague. These pathologies, apart from undermining the daily quality of life and our children’s future, reduce the activity of some cells of the immune system, making the body more vulnerable, particularly to bacterial infections. Diabetes mellitus lowers the capacity of repairing wounds (often associated to infectious agents), which leads to skin ulcers and causes gangrene and amputation but also pneumonia. In times of Covid-19 we have to take into account that diagnosis and therapies could be more complicated”.
“We are at home – added Massimo Andreoni, Virologist of Policlinico Tor Vergata and Scientific Director of the Italian Society of Infectious Diseases  – non only because the schools are closed, but also for a sense of collective responsibility. With Dammi il 5 we will try to find the good side of this technological and digital renaissance, and make it work to explain everything that the small children want and must know about Covid-19. What is coronavirus? Why can’t we go to school? What can we do to avoid being sick? Children ask a lot of questions. They are serious people, they need scientific explanations, fair and clear, we need only to find the way to express them. We will make it with this sort of school, not with the ambition to replace it, but only to work alongside”.
“This is an innovative project –Today it is important to spread positive messages, at an age in which correct life styles are crucial to grow and to be healthy adults. Covid-19 changed our lifes.
In Luca Ward’s opinion, Italian voice of James Bond and the Gladiator, renown dubber grande doppiatore, ma anche popolarissimo attore di teatro, musical e cinema “si tratta di un progetto innovativo che va sostenuto. Oggi è importante diffondere messaggi positivi, in una età in cui i corretti stili di vita sono fondamentali per poter crescere e diventare adulti sani. Il Covid-19 ha modificato le nostre vite. Più che mai oggi è centrale che si pensi ai giovanissimi e non se ne parli soltanto”.
“With this project – affirmed Bugamelli – we offer mothers and fathers, but also grandparents, important subjects, with a language and a tone of voice appropriate to pediatric age and with a creative learning approach. In order to make the children feel at home, we have chosen a joung presenter Tania Barbieri who plays Cinquina, a character who duet, between complicity and small tricks, with Lympia, her best friend with the superpower of invisibility”.
The platform, born from an idea of Maria Teresa Carpino, will involve hundreds of schools in our Country, but the project has already an international dimension. Infact an agreement has been concluded with the healthcare institutions of Morocco and other agreements are ongoing with the Ministries of Grece and Spain.
“Playing a superhero – continued Bugamelli – is very common among children who like to identify with them and imitate them. This is a game in which the small children experiences himself as brave, ready to do good, to help others and save the world. The Di5s with fantasy, creativity and lightheartedness will help us to express rules, values, principles, and correct behaviour patterns essential for life. We help to create good persons and healthy bodies. The children of today are the men of tomorrow”.
“We are very glad – concluded Orazio Schillaci, Chancellor of the University Tor Vergata – to participate in the project promoted by the Pancrazio Association which, like any other initiatives activated in Athenaeum, highlight the spirit of belonging to our University where the role of the student is more and more central of our mission. Our students showed to take to heart children’s health and demonstrated to carry out, not only imagine projects like this”.

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